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“Our family chose A Place of My Own for our two children because we saw the possibilities.  The Teachers are present with the kids and light up with enjoyment from all of the little a-ha moments.  The program supports positive interactions with the different classes and many hands-on activities that spark incredible imaginative play.  There is also plenty of space for outside play and exploration with the beautiful expansive yard.  A Place of my Own provided my children an opportunity to thrive. “

Heather- parent of a son in kindergarten & daughter in 3rd grade

“We chose A Place of My Own two years ago when a neighbor said he recommended them “with all of my heart”.  It took no time at all for us to completely understand why he worded it that way.  Our son feels so safe and loved there, and we feel very good about leaving him in such a nurturing yet stimulating environment five days a week.  A Place of My Own provides a unique combination of teaching by age level, yet allowing play time with kids of all ages.  This was especially important to us as he is an only child.  We had many day care / preschool options that were closer to home, but we do not consider the 30 minute commute a sacrifice.”

Ron & Sally-parents of a 4 year old son

“While visiting preschools for my three year old APOMO stood out to me because the quiet and calm teachers had complete control and attention of the class. The school is kept clean and tidy at all times. My child is going to graduate this year and I have never once regretted my decision. I have enjoyed my time so much that I volunteered to serve on the Board. Thank you APOMO for making my transition from stay at home mom to working mom a smooth one.”

Katie- parent of a  4 year old daughter

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